What to Wear


Choosing what to wear in front of the camera seems to be a lifelong question, from primary school picture day to evening sessions with the love of your life. And while it’s important, it doesn’t have to cause any stress! I’ve included some pointers to help you show off your truest self, to feel like a superstar, and to be completely comfortable while we dance around in the woods and make beautiful memories together.

If you don't follow these guidelines, don’t feel like you’re going to mess up your photos. These are just things I’ve learned from trial and error over the years! Truly, you probably have better fashion sense than I do! (I wear wool socks and Chacos almost exclusively year-round) So bring clothes you usually wear, clothes you have laying around in your closet, and clothes that you feel comfortable in. A lot of people opt for buying a brand new outfit for photos, but the most important thing is that you look and feel comfortable. Who cares if your kids look back on these photos and think your shirt looks funny? There’s light and life in your eyes, and every photo is a glimpse into who you are right here and right now. So let’s dive in.


A few guidelines if you’re feeling stuck…

Bring some options! I’ll help you decide which color combinations will work well with each other and with the environment. So throw in a couple of shirts or dresses, a jacket, necklace, hat, or anything that makes you feel like a million bucks. (But don’t get too crazy - for every 30 minutes of shooting we may only use one or two outfits, and you may have to change in the back of a car.)


Colors & Patterns

Colors are the easiest way to express yourself, but also the easiest way to distract from yourself in photos. I usually recommend neutral, muted tones (like dark yellow, forest green, maroon, beige, etc). These keep your skin tones looking nice and don’t contrast with the background, whether we’re in the middle of the mountains or the heart of downtown Nashville.

Patterns are also great, but I would avoid big, bright patterns that draw attention. If you have a gorgeous floral dress, make sure your partner’s shirt complements it well. The rules can always be bent and broken, but pay attention to the details! (And don’t worry. I can help you decide what works and what doesn’t.)


Weather & Wind.

If we’re shooting at a park in the summer, wear something to keep you cool! If we’re hiking, make sure you can hike in your shoes, and if it’s freezing cold and snowing, bundle up in your favorite sweater and hat. You’ll be the most comfortable when you’re dressed for the weather and the scene!

Let’s talk wind - I’m a big fan of wind. I think it can make photos come alive, so if you have a dress that flows when you twirl or long hair that dances in the wind, I’d say bring it all and let your hair down!


That was a lot… so here’s the summary.

  1. Be comfortable! Wear something you love.

  2. Stick to muted, simple colors & patterns because we want to see YOU!

  3. If you opt for patterns, coordinate with your pals.

  4. Dress for the weather and the locations.

  5. The more beautiful, flowy clothes the better (personal preference, of course).

  6. HAVE FUN! This is going to be great. Don’t overthink it, and don’t hesitate to ask me if you still have questions. I’m already so excited to see how incredible you look.

A few examples here if you’re still curious!