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As a wedding photographer, I am more than just the girl with a camera who captures all of the pretty, staged shots. I’m the one who captures every beautiful, messy moment of the day, who makes sure that every detail is documented and ready for the ceremony, who helps your groomsmen put all of their boutonnieres on the right way, and who makes sure that you have special, unique, and beautiful photos that will pull you back in to the emotion and joy of the day every time you look at them.

Photography is the one thing that will last beyond you wedding day, when the flowers have all dried and the guests and family members have flown back to their homes. It is the one thing that you will have to look back on as you grow your family to remember one of the happiest days of your life. And that is why photography is so important.

I want to be in every raw moment, until you forget that the camera is on you and all you can think of is how excited you are to spend the rest of your life with the person in front of you. The joy, the tears, the first moments of a groom looking at his bride and a father walking his little girl down the aisle. I want to capture every little moment and give you snapshots to look back on and cherish forever. 

If you love coffee or sugar-filled pastries, let’s grab a cup and talk about capturing this incredible, special day together.

2019 packages starting at $2,400


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