Savannah & Brandon


During my spring break of senior year, I went to Ireland for a music mission trip, and the following week I decided that I might as well take a few days off school and stay over in Europe. So I hopped on a plane to visit a friend in Paris, and the following morning hopped on another plane to visit Lipscomb's study abroad group in Florence, Italy. Two of those studying there were Brandon and Savannah. I've known these two since our first week of college, and by December of 2014 we were already joking around and taking mock engagement photos in Nashville. 

As soon as I landed in Florence and connected with the students from Lipscomb, Brandon gave me written directions and sent me up a winding road to a beautiful forest at the top of the hill. It was absolutely stunning, and the Duomo peeked out from behind the trees of a crowded overlook on my way up. I sat for a while waiting for Savannah and Brandon to come for a walk, and when I heard footsteps, I crept out from behind the statue where I was hiding and Brandon dropped to his knee. It was stunning!

We spent the next day exploring the streets of Florence and taking pictures all across town, Brandon in a coat and Savannah in a beautiful flowing dress from Greece. Here they are!