Mattie's Seniors | Nashille Portrait Photographer

nashville senior photographer

When I met Mattie, she was a freshmen, one of two high schoolers in our church’s tiny youth group. I was finishing up my first year in college and getting plugged into our church, and man, all of the students were so welcoming! It wasn’t really what I expected from a group of middle schoolers and two high schoolers whom I’d never met. Within my first few weeks Mattie and her fellow freshman made birthday cards for me and they all prayed over me as I left for an internship in Ireland. They welcomed me right back, and I’ve spent the last 4 or so years walking with them and watching them all grow up *(gets all emotional).

Mattie has been talking about her barn and her horses ever since we met, so that’s where we went to take her senior pictures this fall! It was such a treat to finally see this magical place that was always talked about (and crazy to think that 4 years have flown by!!)

Mattie is a leader, always asking questions and taking risks, and she is going to do some crazy, wonderful things in college and beyond. So Mattie, keep making music, keep exploring, keep loving people (and horses), and keep chasing the heart of Jesus.

Here are a few photos from this senior session!