2017 in Review


2017 was quite a year! I rang it in with a small church in Dominica, a small Caribbean island, and by June I had been to 7 countries. I skipped a week of school to do some solo exploring in Europe and still managed to graduate in May (Woohoo!). After praying with some people at my church for countries in Europe I was extended a random invitation to photograph a mission trip in Moldova by Lipscomb's missions department, and at the end of our time there flew to Tel Aviv, Israel after an unfortunate 20-hour layover back in New York. I began a new job, photographed more weddings, and made some lovely new friends. 

2017 was filled with new adventures, but those adventures took leaps of faith and I had to learn how to trust God's provision in deeper ways. At many times he provide in ways that were different than what I expected, but He provided, and it was good. All of Him is good. I'm excited for what 2018 has in store! I'm already dreaming up new adventures, scheduling weddings, and working towards some of the exciting things that God has placed in front of me. Here's a little summary of 2017 in pictures. Thank you to everyone who made this year great.